Features & Benefits

From state of the art listings, online booking with credit card processing directly to your checking account, automated email system to private domain names and full management sites, you will not only be professionally running your business, you will look professional too. Much More than an Association. From treehouses to luxury hotels, MKA is opening doors for all accommodation owners and operators.
Online Reservation Platform

At MKA, we offer rental unit owners a fully functioning reservation system available for those who manage their own units

Drive Direct Bookings

Drive more direct bookings with your private domain name, custom logo, website and booking engine and then enjoy direct Google meta bookings as well as Google analytics.

Availability calendar img

Automatically Update Availability Calendar

With the MKA platform, when your guests book a stay, the calendar is updated for you.

Easily distribute your photos on thousands of global websites as well as rates and availability with the ease of one platform to sites such as Google, Booking.com, Expedia.com and Airbnb.

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Keep Track of your Guest Payments

The MKA platform will track your guest payments whether the source is a credit card from your merchant account, PayPal, or by check mailed to you.

Online Contract

Your guest will have to approve of your contractual Terms and Conditions before they book your unit.
Education and Training

MKA is your friend in the industry. Get analytics, data, attend webinars, receive newsletters and have access to industry leaders. Find the hard to answer questions here.

Referral Program
Get more by referring others. Learn here now.
My Contacts
This is a section to manage your contacts and drive more direct bookings with marketing.
Credit Card Processing and PayPal
MKA credit card processing is robust and MKA has also partnered with PayPal.

Coupon Codes

This section will allow you to create coupon codes that you can allow your guest to use when booking your unit if there is a special or package or simply to track targeted marketing.

Property Management

If you are managing properties, the MKA platform has reporting to support your business. There is an expense spreadsheet you can populate with your expenses and the system populates your income.

Data transparency img

Data Transparency and Reporting

With the MKA platform you also get a full data transparency and fully functional reporting. Additionally, keep track of your income and expenses in one place. Automated Email Notifications.
Certified Property

Have you ever had the question asked to you by a prospect, “How do I know this property is real and you are the owner or manager?” Now you have a way to deal with that question by becoming a Certified MKA Property.

Certified property img
Marketing System

Staying in contact with your guests is the number one way to assure that they will return to your unit. Ask us about retargeting, official metasite listings and email marketing services.

State of the Art Listings
Did you ever notice that most listing sites leave you short on features? Not at MKA.
Easy with Social Media
Can’t remember logins? MKA Platform offers social media login for owners and its patent-pending loyalty program.
Optional Fees
If you have optional fees that the guests decides if they want to pay for, this is easy to set up.

Book Online Now Buttons

With the MKA platform, we provide you a simple booking engine widget or “Book Now” button for your other web sites.