MKA, founded in 2014, provides industry-leading technologies, education tools, partner discounts and custom tailored content to owners and operators of alternative accommodations, vacation rentals, corporate housing, serviced apartments and independently-owned hotels.
MKA collaborates with its members to maximize their financial returns by economically adapting, competing and evolving in today’s rapidly changing hospitality marketplace.


MKA serves as a voice in the lodging industry to collaborate with leading hospitality, corporate housing, relocation, business and consumer groups to support and protect, through responsible advocacy.

The association is actively involved in representing its members globally while physically positioned in Canada, US and UK.

MKA continues to be increasingly visible and aggressive as a coordinator of industry efforts and active in anticipating potential problems and initiating industry action.

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Education & Networking

MKA continually provides education and training to improve profitability and performance for our 3000 + properties and nearly 60000 suites.
MKA hosts a number of educational webinars and news regarding business development, communication, marketing and a variety of other industry topics. MKA regularly attends industry events to learn, engage and meet with members.


Our goal is to meet the unique and specialized needs of our members. The MKA team understands that its members put their personal investment on the line every day and need the resources we provide to advocate, promote and keep their businesses profitable.

MKA is a member-first organization and that is why we continue to grow.
MKA offers a wide range of resources for their members to make the day-to-day operation of one’s accommodation and lodging an easier road, free leads on, and regular newsletter and webinar updates.

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MKA is also active in seeking more effective ways to promote travel and tourism as well as develop business solutions to keep owners, operators and the industry economically sound.